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Graphite material preferred Waldorf - Waldorf trustworthy

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[Shenzhen City Waldorf Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhang 13823324583] Graphite materials Waldorf is the most trusted manufacturers, welcomed the new and old customers come to our Division site visits, Waldorf for our customers to provide first-class service, quality advantage. Waldorf mainly engaged in EDM graphite material, is the world's first graphite brand US POCO graphite agents. There are other imported and domestic graphite distribution rights, the company currently has high-precision dedicated graphite processing machine several; have a strong technical team for customers Service, mainly for the plastic mold, die-casting molds to provide precision graphite electrodes and peripheral services, the company also produces graphite crucible, sintered graphite plate, graphite rods and other graphite products. Welcome new and old customers to inquire: Mr. Zhang 13823324583 27717935. Waldorf Technology Co., Ltd. welcome you to buy Waldorf graphite materials.
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