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There were a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand men

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Do not think of what to say, everything must think twice. To the people to be kind, but not too much intimate. A friend of mine should use a hoop of steel in your soul, but do not indulge your friendship with every general knowledge. Be careful to avoid and others quarrel; but if the dispute has started, you should let the other side know you can not lightly humiliated. Listen to the opinions of everyone, but only to a very small number of people to express your views; accept each person's criticism, but retain your own judgments. Do your money to buy expensive clothes, but do not Hyun new innovation must be beautiful and not floating Yan, because clothing can often show personality; France's celebrities VIP, is at this point is the most noble, different. Do not lend money to people, do not lend money to people; because the debt put out, often not only lost the capital, but also lost friends; to the people the results of the loan, easy to develop habit of follow lazy. In particular, you must be faithful to yourself; just as with the night have the same night, their faithful, it will not cheat others.

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