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Graphite mineral raw material characteristics

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Graphite is one of the crystalline minerals of carbon, with lubrication, chemical stability, high temperature, conductive, special thermal conductivity and plasticity, coating and other excellent performance, its application is very extensive. Graphite is mainly used as a refractory in the metallurgical industry; used as a casting and antirust coating in the foundry industry; used in the electrical industry for the production of carbon electrodes, electrode carbon rods, batteries, made of graphite milk can be used as a TV Cans used in generators, ships, trains and other high-speed running machinery in the machinery industry; in the chemical industry for the manufacture of various Anti-corrosion utensils and equipment; in the nuclear industry as a neutron decay agent and protective materials in atomic reactors; in the aerospace industry can do rocket engine tail nozzle throat lining, rocket, missile insulation, heat-resistant materials and Radio-connected signals and conductive structural materials on artificial satellites. In addition, graphite or light industry in the glass and paper polish and rust inhibitors, manufacturing pencil, ink, black paint, ink and synthetic diamond raw materials. With the development of modern science and technology and industry, the application of graphite is still expanding, has become a high-tech field of new composite materials, an important raw material in the national economy has an important role.
The chemical composition of graphite is carbon (C). The natural output of graphite is rarely pure, often containing 10% to 20% of impurities, including SiO2, Al2O3, MgO, CaO, P2O5, CuO, V2O5, H2O, S, FeO and H, N, CO2, NH3 and so on. Graphite mineral is iron black, steel gray, strip light bright black; metallic luster, dark crystal aggregates shiny dim, opaque; cleavage {0001} complete, hardness with anisotropy, vertical cleavage plane for 3 to 5, parallel solution The surface is 1 ~ 2; soft, the density of 2.09 ~ 2.23g / cm3, a creamy feeling, easy to contaminate your fingers. Mineral flakes in the transmission of light is generally opaque, very thin film can be light, was pale green gray, a crystal, the refractive index of 1.93 ~ 2.07, in the reflected light was light brown gray, reflective polychromatic obvious, Ro gray with brown, Re dark blue gray, reflectivity Ro23 (red), Re5.5 (red), reflective color, double reflection are significant, heterogeneous strong, polarized color for the straw yellow. Graphite is a hexagonal double-cone crystal, along the {0001} was hexagonal plate-like crystals, common simple parallel to the double-sided, hexagonal double cone, hexagonal column, but the perfect crystal shape rare, generally scaly or plate, Dense block, earthy or spherical.
Graphite crystals have a typical layered structure, carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal mesh layer, the surface of the carbon atoms on the node relative to the center of the upper and lower adjacent grid. Repeat layer 2 is the graphite 2H multi-type, is hexagonal system, that is commonly referred to as graphite; if the repeated layer of 3 for the graphite 3R multi-type, is a three-crystal system, but in the natural graphite structure can not Separated separately. In the graphite crystal structure, the coordination number of the carbon atoms in the layer is 3, the covalent metal bond is 0.142nm, and the layer is connected with the molecular bond. The spacing is 0.340nm. This special crystal structure and chemical bond So that graphite has some special process performance.
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