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Graphite anti-corrosion equipment where to find?

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- graphite anti-corrosion equipment where to find: Shenzhen Waldorf Technology Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong Waldorf International Limited) to tell you.
The performance of graphite preservative equipment is as follows:
1, excellent corrosion resistance:
Various types of carbon and graphite for all concentrations of hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and hydrofluoric acid, including fluorine-containing media have excellent corrosion resistance, the application of the highest temperature of 350 ℃ -400 ℃, that is, carbon and graphite began to oxidize the temperature.
2, resistance to a certain high temperature:
The use temperature of impermeable graphite depends on the varieties of impregnated materials, such as phenolic impregnated graphite can withstand 170-200 ℃, if the addition of the appropriate amount of silicone resin impregnated graphite, can be resistant to 350 ℃; when the phosphate deposition on carbon and graphite , Can improve the carbon and graphite oxidation resistance, the actual operating temperature can also be improved some.
3, excellent thermal conductivity
In addition, graphite also has a good thermal conductivity, non-metallic materials in the thermal conductivity of the only material than metal, living in the first non-metallic materials. Thermal conductivity is 2 times the carbon steel, stainless steel 7 times. So suitable for heat transfer equipment.
4, the surface is not easy structure:
Graphite and most media "affinity" is very small, so dirt is not easy to attach to the surface. Especially used in condensing equipment and crystallization equipment.
In recent years, graphite anti-corrosion equipment has been gradually applied to chlor-alkali industry, phosphate, phosphate fertilizer industry and hydrofluoric acid and other fluorine chemical industry production. At present, the main application of graphite equipment are: graphite heat exchanger, graphite condenser, steel-lined graphite reactor, steel-lined graphite reaction tank, concentrated tank, reaction tower, packed tower and phosphate extraction tank, granulation tower and other high temperature reaction equipment, Heat transfer equipment, condensation equipment and anti-corrosion equipment, anti-corrosion lining. With the development of China's industry, the use of graphite equipment will continue to extend to other new areas.
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