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Step 1 : material

3D curved glass Rewriting graphite mold on the material demanding, select high-quality special graphite material, can improve die life, reduce manufacturing costs, reduce glass deformation, cracks, burr and other bad quality problems, but also provide the glass processing and polishing quality And efficiency.

Particle: the traditional graphite 20-50μm, curved glass mold <4μm, particles uniform, compact structure.
Hardness: Shaw hardness of 60-100, in the machining and mold performance to maintain a balance between.
Purity: Choose a material with a purity of 50-200ppm to reduce the effect of impurities on the glass.
Strength: Select isostatic graphite, graphite mold to improve resistance to thermal shock, improve service life.
Expansion system: keep the parameters similar to the Rewan glass, to avoid material impact of glass molding.

Recommended graphite materials:

Japan's East China Sea carbon HK-75, more materials can consult the staff

Step 2 : Mold design

Curved face bending mold design directly affects the finished glass bending rate.
We use patented technology to design all kinds of imported, domestic mobile phone cover protective film graphite Rewan mold


Cost: fully consider the customer finished factors, "tailored"
Life: mold life of calcium glass: up to 6000-8000 times / set
        High aluminum glass: up to 2000-3000 times / set.
(Mold life and equipment use environment and mold environment, depending on the specific maintenance and use)
Accuracy: consider the machining accuracy and mold with the tolerance.
Efficiency: customers only need to provide the required data and requirements, can design various types of Rewan graphite mold.
Flexible: optional design, according to customer requirements to adjust the mold bending process design.


Step 3 : CNC machining

We use high-precision graphite special processing machine tools, auxiliary dedicated graphite vacuum suction cups and special graphite processing tools to protect the customer's hot-bending graphite mold processing accuracy.


Special: all processing processes and accessories processing hardware in a special form.
High precision: the highest surface processing accuracy of up to 0.015mm, plane machining accuracy of 0.005mm.
Efficiency: continuously improve the processing process to improve the efficiency of mold processing, we use semi-automatic production process, the latter part of the preparation of fully automated robot to further improve production efficiency.
Capacity customization: At present, we can meet the highest 40 processing center production, monthly products up to 5000-6000 sets of graphite Rewan die, the customer can customize the machine program.
Processing program customization: We can provide a variety of processing options for customers to choose, according to their own custom processing process, long-term supply can be adjusted.



Step 4 : Mold polishing and post-processing

Now the peers always polish surface of the Roving Graphite Moldby hand to reduce the accuracy of the back-end sweep.Advantages: It is easy to handle for various shapes, with almost no blind spots; Disadvantage: higher quality of staff, and lower efficiency, batch is not high, no uniform standards;

Because of the weak oxygen properties of the graphite itself (easy to powder with long-term use ), no nitrogen protection of the hot bending equipment on the mold loss, To improve the life of the mold, we'll coated with antioxidants, according to their own equipment and equipment can be customized mold post-processing program.


Professional: Professinal team to garantee the accuracy of mold polishing .
Flexible program: A variety of mold post-processing options available
Flexible feedback: We can adjust the polishing process according to the finished surface glass and process to meet the requirements of customer.
Accuracy: Plane polished flatness within 0.015mm, plane 0.005mm or less.Roughness of 600 nm or less.

Capacity:  can be guaranteed with the production and processing synchronization.

Step 5 :Mold quality inspection

We use precision coordinate measuring machine mold face to protect the detection accuracy, each shipment with three yuan test report.


Accuracy: our testing equipment on a regular basis to do third-party calibration to ensure long-term detection accuracy.
Timeliness: Each set of graphite molds must be tested on site.
Authenticity: Each batch of products with three yuan test report.



Step 6 :After-sale service

& technology support

Curved glass mold bending forming for the surface of the glass process an important process, but also the industry is an important technical threshold. We have a professional after-sales technical team to solve the problems in the customer's hot-bending graphite mold.

profession: Professional team to solve the problems of customers using the process of bending the mold, so that customers achieve the best mold efficiency.
Efficiency: customer feedback mold problems, 1 to 3 days of processing, special problems can be arranged at the factory processing.

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